AW 17/18 Trends – Rouge amour

Gucci Dress

Isn’t is wonderful when fall arrives and you get to wear layers and coats and real shoes again? Yes summer is lovely, but when it comes to clothing, fall is definitely my favourite. I love wearing dresses and skirts with boots and tights and thin coats and cozy sweater.  Although I love the warm San Francisco fall, I miss the distinct shift in seasons that we have in Sweden.

The fall trends are starting to hit the stores right now and here are my favourite fall trends and what I will be wearing this coming fall.

  1. Think red.

Red is never really out of style, being such a feminine and classic color, but this autumn I think we will see more red than usual. I love the thought of mixing of different shades of red as well as textures. Personally I own very few red items, but I am definitely open to explore the red world. And since I usually don’t wear red, I will buy a few items that can easily be added to may current wardrobe. I definitely want a red bag and a pair of red or burgundy shoes. I think a red jumpsuit would be fun for going out and creating an all red outfit as well as a coat. A red midi skirt is something I can see myself wearing this fall, since I’m so in love with midi skirts.

AW17 Zara RedHere are some of my favourite picks from Zara


Here is how I’ve been wearing a little red as we transition to fall.

IMG_2243Hermes Scarf / DvF Dress / Chloe Bag / Chanel sunglasses
H&M Sweater / Filippa K jeans / Acne Studios Boots / Gucci Bag



H&M T-shirt  / Iro Jenas / Louboutin Shoes / Chloe Bag

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