Keep an eye on – Bat Gio

Ever since I discovered the amazing Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert I’ve been rethinking the importance of fashion. I adore her style! It’s fresh, it’s fun and always sophisticated but it’s never ever boring. When one has access to the complete world of fashion, the choices one makes bear significant weight and must utterly come from a place of love. And it’s easy to see that Bat Gio loves everything she wears! And so do we! 

Out of the many fashion lessons to be learned from the fashion legend, the most important one, in my opinion, is to love what you wear and to dear to express yourself.

Now you and I can wear a little bit of Bat Gio too. Her T-shirt collection just launched at Bergdorf Goodman and some of them are already sold out! I’m dying for the white one with the text ‘Being cool is a bore, being fun is glamore’. Honestly, it’s my second choice after the ‘fashion emergency’ one, but that one is sold out already.

Although she has a long and prominent career already, I’m positive that this T-shirt collection is only the beginning of something much greater. 

And I also love that she seams to have the best relationship with here sister Sara (fashion designer)! Since I too consider my sister my soulmate, I feel that we have this in common.

And look at Victoria Beckham rocking this t-shirt.

Happy shopping!

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