About Me

Hi and welcome

I’m Aferdita,  and I’m happy you found your way here. This blog came to life as an attempt to reconnect with myself after having my first child. I dived so hard into motherhood and loved every minute of it, that I suddenly realized I was loosing some parts of me. One of these parts, was my sense of style and love for fashion, something I had always cared about and always found much joy in. With so many changes happening in my life and in my body, I had a hard time finding the joy in dressing. The blog was a challenge for myself, but I’ve noticed so many moms feel the same struggle and I hope this blog will inspire you in your way back to yourself, after becoming a mom.

I have two wonderful daughters, Adeline and Amelie and I love living in beautiful San Francisco. I left my career in finance in Stockholm and followed my heart across the world when I moved here to live with my husband Erik. I studied engineering physics at the university, but most of my notebooks were filled with fashion drawings.

I finally have the courage to do what I love, and that is sharing my genuine interest in fashion, style, motherhood and life in San Francisco. Thanks for following and please contact me if there is anything you’d like to talk about.